Social Media & Marketing

Published: 20 February 2023

Throughout the training, participants will learn how to create and implement social media strategies, identify and target their ideal audience, and create engaging and high-quality content. It will also cover how to analyse social media metrics to measure success and adjust strategies accordingly. Additionally, it will cater participants to understanding the details of social media - what it is, what is involved in establishing it, the drawbacks, the advantages, the challenges. Furthermore, during this course will be covered management of social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, different formats of promotion and marketing in thruogh these channels, the strategies involved in making a reputed social media platform, how to target and differenciate audience options, management of campaigns and measurement of results, post strategies, content implementation strategy through these platforms as well as adapting the social network strategy to the marketing strategy. Curriculum of this training is adapted to the market and the requirements of this industry. Internship work opportunities for successful candidates will be offered

Training provider

Makerspace Innovation Center Prizren

Duration of training

2 Months

Total number of training hours

42 hours

Recurrence of training

3 times per year; next course to start in March 2023

Min. number of participants for starting course



Certificate of completion


250 €‎ (200 €‎ for students)

Registration deadline(s)

until 28 February 2023

Training Language offered





Social Media Management

Training Type

In person

Contact(s) for registrations/questions

Arber Kryeziu
[email protected]
+383 (0)49 473 001
Training Coordinator

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