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Innovation and Training Park Prizren offers a complete ecosystem that facilitates cooperation. These services are offered to innovators, entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, training and education and research and development institutions.

Digital Transformation Center Service mentors

Skills Development

The ITP Skills Development Service is your continuous learning gateway. Seize on the training programs offered throughout the year! 

Digital Skills Development

Numerous training courses on digital skills are being offered at the ITP Prizren, providing a great opportunity to the youth in Prizren and the region to start or boost their career in the fast-growing ICT sector in Kosovo. The courses are offered by some of the country’s renown training providers and are focused on teaching skills which are in great demand in this industry.

The broad portfolio of training courses in the Park is created by Cacttus Education through its Skill Factory training academy, MetDaan through its Innovemia Innovation Academy, Coders Hub, Makerspace Innovation Center Prizren and UBT College – all of them being tenants in the ITP.

Is video editing your cup of tea? Or perhaps you wish to build a career in programming? Explore the full portfolio of training programmes by visiting our Training page 

Creative Skills Development

The Innovation & Training Park (ITP) Prizren is home to prominent local community-based organisations such as Autostrada Biennale which offers education, onsite training, and open exhibition-making production space with the aim of developing new models of cultural creation that will encourage a young generation to think critically about art and to become part of the process of creating and installing art. For inquiries on training opportunities please reach out to [email protected]

Formal Education

The Innovation & Training Park (ITP) Prizren hosts the University for Business and Technology (UBT), which has recently unveiled the “UBT Innovation and Technology Hub Prizren” within the ITP Campus education, onsite training, and open exhibition-making production space with the aim of developing new models of cultural creation that will encourage a young generation to think critically about art and to become part of the process of creating and installing art. For inquiries on training opportunities please reach out to [email protected]

Business and Innovation Support

The park provides a supporting environment for all businesses to innovate, grow and thrive. Through programs including a wide portfolio of support services ranging from soft-landing over innovation activities to process optimization and export promotion, your business will be put on the right track to achieve your goals.


The Idea-to-Scale service, a flagship program of ITP’s Digital Transformation Center, offers future entrepreneurs the opportunity to transform their ideas into a successful business ventures. This support program for startups is being implemented by the Makerspace Innovation Centre Prizren (MICP), and will see a broad range of services provided to startups, on a 12-month incubation program with extensive support directed toward self-employment and business growth. The program is extensively aided by our network of Mentors, Coaches and Experts with an industry-specific approach. Access to finance will be networked through a strong support system. For inquiries, please reach out to [email protected].

Soft-Landing Service

The “Soft-landing Package” – a part of the Digital Transformation Center, provides support to international businesses wishing to start their operations in ITP. The package includes various services including linkages with professional services, investors and clients. It is being implemented in cooperation with the ITP tenant, the GVI Western Balkans.

Additionally, an agreement with one of the largest banks in the country, the ProCredit Bank, has been signed to further advance the services to the tenants and the new-commers to the Park. Through this collaboration, ProCredit Bank is providing special offerings to ITP tenants, including in-park banking services, loan advise as well as support in relation to the “Green Transition” of businesses.

In collaboration with the Kosovo-German Chamber of Commerce (KDWV), additional services are made available for German companies at ITP, such as one-on-one consultations on (1) information on customs, (2) legal, export and supply chain advise, and (3) finding partners, suppliers and clients in Kosovo – for a special price of 80 EUR per hour. The “German Investor Package” of KDWV offers to German companies in ITP a (1) One-year Membership in KDWV, (2) Crash Courses on Doing Business in Kosovo, (3) Support in Company Registration, (4) Connecting to Legal, Audit and Tax Offices, (5) Support in Bank Account set-up, (6) Recruitment, (7) Contacts to 100+ local businesses and partners for cooperation – for a fee of 1,200 EUR.

GoGlobal Service

“GoGlobal” is a service for Kosovar businesses to start their export-oriented operations. In collaboration with the Kosovar-German Chamber of Commerce, the GoGlobal program offers to its’ Kosovar tenants’ one-on-one consultations on (1) Legal and Export Advise, (2) Information on Customs, (3) dentification of Partners, Clients and Suppliers in Germany – for a fee of 80 EUR per hour. Additionally, the Chamber will host regular workshops at ITP starting from 2023 including information sharing of: (1) Good Practices of Doing Business with German Partners, (2) Senior Experts Service, (3) Overview on the German Fairs, and (4) Access to KDWV Events and Services for Export. These on-demand workshops will be provided by KDWV and they will cover topics of: (1) GDPR regulations, (2) Cybersecurity, (3) Standardization Procedures (ISO, DIN, CE etc.), (4) Corporate Governance and (5) Export Procedures. This program will partially be developed in cooperation with the ITP’ tenant – GVI Western Balkans.

Community Management and Matchmaking

The service of Community Management and Matchmaking provides opportunities for ITP tenants to expand their network in the park, mingle within a thriving business environment and benefit from matchmaking service for meeting their growing business needs.

Marketing Service

ITP’s communications channels are continuously growing, and they provide a good platform to disseminate tenants’ achievements and milestones to an ever-growing audience. ITP communicators will also inform the tenants of potential marketing and networking opportunities such as various events within Kosovo or abroad. The marketing service of ITP helps you to establish contacts with customers at the national and international level.

ITP Peer Exchange: Networking within the Park

Networking events within the Park present a platform where tenants get together on a monthly basis to discuss different topics of interest. The aim of this platform is to stimulate discussions within the Park between tenants as well as encourage identification of synergies for collaboration. During the events, businesses also receive useful, up-to-date information on current developments within the Park which support their business growth process.

Workshop & Events

ITP provides ideal facilities and spaces for events of up to 450 people in indoor settings. Our event venues from which you can choose from vary from large conference rooms to seminar rooms with different capacities, as well as wooden and stone huts for an excellent workshop venue. Whether it’s a launching event of your new business initiative, a training or an event which stimulates creativity and innovation talks – ITP spaces should work perfectly for you.
For prices of each event venue, please check below.

Event Management

We as ITP are glad to host any event in our spaces which fosters innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. If you are planning to organize an event which falls within these topics, we highly encourage you to book your event at ITP and witness an ecosystem which inspires cooperation. For booking your event at ITP, kindly provide us with your event needs and we will take care of the rest – whether it is event equipment, lighting, seats, heating/cooling, Wi-Fi coverage, catering and more. For your event’s catering, the GADA Restaurant within the Park provides you with great options. Good food made with care will be brought to your event venue for offers ranging from 12.60 EUR to 19.50 EUR per person. In very close proximity to the city center as well as the Pristina Airport, our event venues provide a practical and ideal solution for your events.

Our large conference room provides an inspiring venue for your more formal events. Its spatial planning is highly adjustable to accommodate various capacities of attendees of up to 400. With an outstanding view, which looks over the beautiful city of Prizren, you are certain to impress your attendees with your well-organized event. The rental fee per day of the large conference room is 350 EUR.

If you are planning to organize a conference and you need a rather informal venue for your event, our Old Canteen is just the right spot. With a capacity of up to 450 attendees, this venue accommodates your every need. The rental fee per day of the Old Canteen is 250 EUR.

For inquiries, please reach out to [email protected].


If you are looking forward to organizing an event at ITP which will last for several days, and you are worried about your attendees’ show-up – our accommodation service will have you covered. If overnight stay is needed, the Park provides accommodation on-site for anyone taking part in different trainings, programs or conferences occurring at ITP.
The price for single room occupancy is 15 EUR per night and 20 EUR per night for double occupancy. For inquiries on accommodation options, please reach out to [email protected]

Meeting Rooms

With a capacity of up to 100 attendees, our large meeting / seminar room is the right choice for your training or meeting with a rental daily fee of 80 EUR. For a smaller audience, our small seminar room accommodates up to 20 attendees for a daily fee of 40 EUR.

ITP offers 2 workshop huts with an impressive architecture and design surrounded by the wide green landscape within the Park. Built of wood or stone, renting a hut costs 100 EUR per day. If you are planning to organize workshops, re-treat events for your team or simply meetings for creative brainstorming, our huts will be your best choice. For inquiries, please reach out to [email protected].

ITP 365

The ITP 365 Service provides work-life balance opportunities for all ITP tenants throughout the year.

Gastronomy Service

Fresh food and coffee is in short-reach within the Park, as the two gastronomy providers – GADA Restaurant and LaBaita coffee shop offer various options for ITP tenants. Without having to drive to the busy city center for your lunch, coffee or snack break, you can enjoy your free time in these two cozy spots surrounded by the green scenery and fresh air. We suggest you grab a coffee and croissant as you meet and greet other ITP entrepreneurs.

Outdoor Sports Area

The Park provides an outdoor sports area which includes a football field and running tracks. This free-of-charge area can be used for your sportive activities or events to kick-up the energy levels.

Business Operation Services

Daily financial operations can be difficult to manage especially for start-up companies who have just recently started to expand their business. Within ITP, you can make use of already-in-place services aimed at supporting you to facilitate your banking transactions and digitalize processes to grow your business.

Banking & Finance

Through its partnership with ProCredit Bank Kosovo, ITP provides beneficial banking and finance advise for ITP tenants. Some of the services offered through this partnership include advise on good financial practices, feedback contributions on the development and mentoring phase of start-ups, costless implementation of POS (Point of Sale) for your business, support in setting-up your digital roadmap and strategies as well as access to the “e-commerce gateway” including zero initial charges.

The Information Center is your primary gateway for learning about the opportunities of doing business in ITP or simply getting the information you need for navigation and planification purposes.

The Information Office is reachable every workday via telephone and email from 09:00 to 16:30 via

+383 44 844 396 [email protected]