Modern co-working spaces offer work stations as well as a common infrastructure, including wi-fi, printers, fax, phones and meeting rooms. They can also be used for workshops. The co-working place in the park is not defined yet.

ITP will provide various of offices. The office space will mainly be set up in the former headquarter building of the KFOR Camp and the 23 identical accommodation buildings.

The function building and the maintenance halls offer space for manufacturing and production purposes.

These services include but are not limited to incubation, business development and training, IPR management, technology transfer, financial support, settlement management, investor consulting, access to business angels’ networks, support to improve access to capital, business mentoring.

The park offers a supporting environment for start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs through the services of innovation centers (incubators and counseling) and through attractive office spaces for rent and other incentives.

This park provides space to rent out to companies as part of a package, which also includes shared services and facilities (photocopiers, secretariat, etc.) and specific services: training, marketing, financial appraisals, and so on. At least 500m2 are made available for incubation services in the beginning. A few temporary offices may be added for project owners in the business plan development phase (incubation).

Due to physical closeness of companies and training institutions, vocational training will be tailored to needs of the market.

Providers of non-formal education supplement the offer of education opportunities. As they are more flexible and faster in adapting their offers to the pressing needs of the market, they can make a substantial contribution to the employability of youth.

ITP offers the possibility to establish travel agencies on site, which will drive though the ideal tourist setting. The Sharr mountains which are located close to Prizren, offer great potential for tourism in summer and winter season. Also, Doku Fest which takes place every year attracts visitors from all over the world. The festival does not only promote the art scene of Prizren but also tourism and the interaction between young people from all over the world, it offers immense potential for the growth of the field of tourism and culture and contributes greatly to the GDP.

ITP delivers already existing infrastructure in the area of gastronomy. Several needs are met: daily catering services for those who work on site are given with an already existing canteen. This modern canteen is able to provide daily meals for a large number of people such as students, companies, researchers, and occasional business dining. In addition, the host region or town can provide entertainment, restaurants and hotels for people attending events such as scientific or technical symposiums or conferences; these services should therefore be promoted.

The modern hospital has the standard of a new German Municipality Hospital and is the newest hospital standard of German military and would therefore serve ideally as a space for vocational training. The hospital is a key point in the implementation of the park.

A resource center acts as a bridge between organizations that already offer all or some of these services in the metropolis or region, for example, by creating a network. This type of facility includes:

  • A meeting, conference, and seminar area, with an auditorium (150 to 200 seats) and several meeting rooms (20 to 50 seats) for conferences, training sessions, and meetings;
  • A documentation center, designed as an extension to the university’s documentation center and comprising a reading room, a documentation service, a videoconferencing room, a multimedia center, etc. The documentation center may also pool the resources of several professional or technical organizations in the technopole or its environment: chamber of commerce, federation of industry, technical centers, incubators, etc.;
  • Offices for the science park coordination team. This team’s efficiency depends on its ability to mobilize skills wherever they are, according to its coordination objectives;
  • An exhibition area, presenting scientific and technological achievements, as well as the companies created, may also be set up.

Pre-existing infrastructure at ITP gives the possibility to provide accommodation on site for students as well as for people taking part in any kind of vocational training, if they need to stay overnight.

Vacancies from the companies, which are located in ITP Prizren.