Whether you are looking for a new office, production space, open land for constructing your new development project, or simply booking a working desk for you and your team.

ITP Facilities

Office Space

ITP provides various types of offices ideal for your business undertaking and venture.

The ITP Prizren offers over 44.000 rentable square meters. Depending on the business needs, ITP Prizren will invest the necessary reparation of the building/offices.

Land for Development

ITP provides open land for constructing your new development project with attractive property prices.

The ITP Management will assist your team in navigating the administrative process of launching your construction project from preliminary planning phase all the way to cutting the ribbon when calling the project complete.

Co-working space

The ITP Management is proud to present the newly renovated ITP Co-Working Space that is co-managed by the Makerspace Innovation Center Prizren (MICP).

We offer up to 66 seats ideal for freelancers, solopreneurs, and small teams and provide ideal working conditions.

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