Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about for Innovation and Training Park Prizren.

Who can indicate their interest at ITP?

All relevant stakeholders that are part of the ITP concept can indicate their interest. However, this round of applications is intended for businesses only.

According to what criteria are businesses chosen to rent ITP facilities?

  • Degree of compliance with the sectorial and cross-cutting priorities of the ITP (see above)
  • Economic impact
  • Financial viability
  • Intention and potential to create synergies and partnerships with other ITP tenants

What is the process of application?

Interested stakeholders / parties can apply by filling the online application form and the application will be evaluated by a committee.

Can I re-submit my application if it has been denied before?

Only when you apply with a different business concept.

Is it possible to apply as a start-up?

Yes. Start-ups can apply to become tenants in the ITP Prizren.

Are there further funding opportunities as a start-up?

ITP does not fund start-ups, however, it might provide information on other possible sources for funding opportunities.

What is the renting price for ITP facilities in general?

  • Maintenance halls
  • Offices and accommodation buildings, and
  • open land.

Rental Prices:

  • Maintenance halls and space in office/accommodation buildings will be offered for 1,50 Euro per square meter (excluding VAT of currently 18%, rental tax of currently 9% and utilities such as electricity, water, heating, etc.)
  • Rental prices for land to be used for future construction purposes are negotiable.

Is there fixed rent or is rent up to negotiation?

Rental prices for buildings are fixed and it Is not up to negotiation.

What types of offices are available for rent?

The following are available office spaces for rent:

  • Administration Building  (please visit building 1 and building 2), and
  • Accommodation Buildings (22 buildings in total, please see one sample here)

What is the procedure of entering the park after the official opening of ITP (for customers, visitors etc.)?

The actual fence will not be removed, and the security guards will be present at the reception of the entrance.

Will the park be public/open for everyone?

Currently, the park will be open only to businesses and its customers.

What does the concept of ITP entail?

ITP Concept

  • Kosovar and German and other International companies active in one of the three priority sectors (ICT/Technology based firms, Agro/Food Processing, Creative and Cultural Industries) create jobs, commercialize innovations, boost the economy and offer possibilities for VET and praxis-oriented learning.
  • Dual vocational education schools and training centers provide vocational education and training tailored to the needs of the labor market and closely cooperate with businesses settled in the park.
  • Civil society actors of related fields provide nonformal education and contribute with social and cultural activities to the park.
  • Business incubators and makerspaces for youth provide adequate equipment and expertise for students, graduates and aspiring entrepreneurs, promote entrepreneurial activity and intersectoral interaction and partnerships.
  • Other recreational services such as markets, cafes, etc. contribute to the park becoming a meeting point for citizens, students, entrepreneurs and tourists.
  • Research institutions or universities provide high-quality application-oriented education, tailored to the needs of the labor market, establish links to industry for their students (through collaboration in form of internships, research etc.).

Priority sectors

The Innovation and Training Pak (ITP) Prizren sees great potential in the following sectors:

  • ICT / Technology based firms
  • Agro / Food Processing
  • Creative and Cultural Industries

To support the above-mentioned sectors and to increase synergy effects among these sectors, two cross-cutting topics have been identified and will be part of the ITP:

  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • Research & Development (R&D)

Are there going to be new job vacancies?

There will be two or three job vacancies in ITP as a project. Presumably, there will be also job vacancies from businesses within the ITP.

Is it possible to change or to rearrange the interior of a building?

Yes. ITP tenants can arrange the interior of a building as per their needs.

Is it possible to open a new or a different entry gate from the actual one?

Depending on the needs of ITP tenants, a second entrance can be opened.

Is it possible to construct a new building?

  • It is possible to construct a new building within the ITP premises.
  • Construction of a new building by destructing an existing building is also possible.

What is the minimum and maximum rental period for a building?

The rental period varies from 1 – 5 year with a possibility of prolongation. Prolonged period is also possible when leasing land for long term.

Is it possible to rent just the cold storage section of kitchen?

Yes, under certain circumstances. However, the priority belongs to the ITP tenants.

Will the park be properly secured?

Yes. There is a fence around the park, and available security cameras and security guards 24/7.

Will you build additional buildings/facilities?

ITP will not construct any additional building/facilities; however, businesses are allowed to construct buildings/facilities.

Can I expand (e.g. rent more offices) whenever need arises?

Yes. The ITP policy is to provide additional space whenever need arises.