3D Modeling and Printing

Published: 19 December 2022

This training treats a program on basics and fundamentals of 3D modelling and printing with hands-on learning for candidates, using 3D printers to produce their models and prototypes. Modules and benefits of this training: - Introduction to the three-dimensional concept (3D), introduction to the software and learn the first tools; - Beginning of drawing, using polygons and other tools to build shapes and volumes, we learn how to move in the software to copy models. - Placing different materials and textures on the model, creating cuts, managing scenes, also learning how to save the views of a model. - Exporting to different software and preparing for 3D printing. - Introduction to 3D printing technology, techniques and types. - Preparation and reception of models with a 3D printer. - Job and practical work opportunities from our employer partners This course is suitable for individuals who are interested in working in design and manufacturing, or who are interested in creating custom 3D models and objects. The course will provide the necessary skills to create and bring 3D designs to life using 3D modeling and 3D printing technologies.

Training provider

Makerspace Innovation Center Prizren

Duration of training

2 Months

Total number of training hours

42 hours

Recurrence of training

3 times per year; next course to start in March 2023

Min. number of participants for starting course



Certificate of completion


250 €‎ (200 €‎ for students)

Registration deadline(s)

until 28 February 2023

Training Language offered





3D Modelling and Printing

Training Type

In person

Contact(s) for registrations/questions

Arber Kryeziu
[email protected]
+383 (0)49 473 001
Training Coordinator

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