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Autostrada Biennale Education and Production Space was built on the need for more cultural exchange in the region and with the world. It was always imagined as a connecting point, a route on the map of the Western Balkans.
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Autostrada Biennale started in Prizren, Kosovo, in 2014, with its first edition opening in 2017.

As the only contemporary art institution in Prizren, Autostrada Biennale functions on two speeds: one is a physical exhibition that takes place every two years, the other is the new education, production and exhibition space in the former KFOR military base now ITP Prizren. With the latter, Autostrada Biennale extended the publicness of the platform by considering art production as a form of learning.

Through education, onsite training, and open exhibition-making production space, Autostrada Biennale aim is to develop new models of cultural creation that will encourage a young generation to think critically about art and to become part of the process of creating and installing art.

The Autostrada Biennale’s public programs strive to facilitate learning spaces for younger generations by following the principle of inclusivity, making the program open to different communities.

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