The Innovation and Training Park (ITP) Prizren will be home to MetDaan, a renown digital media company which has gained reputation for its quality content not only in Kosovo but beyond. The rental agreement was signed in the ITP on 27 October.

As an initial phase of this collaboration, MetDaan will establish its Innovation Academy – Innovemia in the ITP Prizren and Prishtina, which aims to achieve the objectives of the Action #Digital4Business at the ITP Prizren in terms of skills development in the field of ICT among unemployed persons and especially women.

Within the initial phase co-financed by the Action Digital4Business, the Innovemia – Innovation Academy will train at least 210 persons under the age of 35, who are currently not under any full-time employment at both locations, including a minimum of 40 women.

The first courses to be offered as part of the Innovemia – Innovation Academy are focused on Digital Media Video Editing and Social Media Specialist. While the training course in Prishtina is already underway, the ones in Prizren are expected to commence in December.

Digital Media Video Editing course duration will span over an 8-week period (48h) and will focus on hands-on digital media editing. Compared to traditional editing, the key points will be addressing skills, mindset, job and career as a Digital Media Video Editor. The Social Media Specialist course will also have a duration of 8 weeks (48h) and will cover SEO, Social Media Platforms Marketing, Google AdWords, Google Analytics and more! The taught knowledge will be based on the latest market practice. At the end of the course students will learn how to build and execute social media strategy through competitive research, audience identification, platform determination and benchmarking.

Other training courses focused on Tech and Digital Entrepreneurship topics will also be conducted as part of the Academy and the collaboration with the Action Digital4Business.

The Action is jointly financed by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). It commenced work in the framework of the Digital Transformation Center in the beginning of 2022 and it is helping the Center in two of the main pillars of the Center, namely Science and Education (Support for Research Faculties, Institutes, Students and Training Facilities with relation to ICT by connecting theory with practice) and Technology for Business (Support to Kosovo’s traditional (non-ICT) businesses in digitalising their activities and processes).