At a time when the ITP Prizren is becoming home to an increasing number of local companies, its efforts on attracting international tech businesses and startups have taken a boost following an agreement with an upcoming tenant to jointly implement a “soft-landing platform” – a package of services of ITP’s Digital Transformation Center aimed at attracting innovative foreign companies to start operations in the ITP.

The upcoming tenant which will implement the package, the GVI Western Balkan, will be launched in the ITP by the Gold Ventures Investment, a global investment banking and advisory company based in Israel and Austria, together withthe Kosovo-based University for Business and Technology (UBT).  

The soft-landing platform – part of Digital Entrepreneurships pillar of Digital Transformation Center – includes different offerings from various aspects, starting from the physical infrastructure in ITP up to linkages with professional services, investors and clients.

Similarly, the GVI Western Balkans and the ITP will also seek to jointly establish the ITP Service of “GoGlobal Program” for helping local startups from Kosovo and the Western Balkans region to improve their readiness for fundraising and global expansion through GVI and UBT global network, including connections to clients, strategic partners, and investors).

The agreement on implementation of the Soft-landing and the GoGlobal programs follows a three-week study visit in Kosovo by a GVI representative in June this year. During that visit, meetings were held with different stakeholders, including with representatives of Kosovo ministries, universities, and experts to explore different aspects of running such platforms in the ITP.


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