With more than 750 square meters, and a vibrant environment designed for professional teams and individuals, ITP Prizren is thrilled to announce the opening of the co-working space in the park.

This coworking space is more than just a place to work; it’s a vibrant community of like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts, who come together to network, share a modern space, and discover a brand-new concept that caters their professional needs.

It is carefully designed to boost productivity and is comprised as in following:

  • 5 Community areas
  • 5 Phone booths
  • 24 Easy access seats on the ground floor
  • 72 Dedicated seats
  • 2 Private Areas
  • 1 Meeting room
  • 2 Chill and gaming Areas
  • 3 Kitchens
  • Acoustic curtain area
  • Personal lockers
  • Accessible showers and toilets
  • High speed internet and many more.

Within ITP Prizren, there are two other co working spaces (autostrada Biennale and Makerspace Innovation Center Prizren) that makes ITP itself, the park with the biggest co-working spaces in Kosovo, exceeding 1000 square meters.

The co-working space is financed by Kosovo and German governments, implemented by GIZ and it is a property of ITP Prizren, managed by Makerspace Innovation Center Prizren.

For prices and more information on how to book a spot, please visit: Makerspace IC Prizren (makerspaceprizren.com)