The Innovation and Training Park (ITP) Prizren and its core pillar, Digital Transformation Center were welcomed at two separate events to present their concepts and activities. 

Both events – the Economic Forum Kosovo-Austria organized by Advantage Austria and Austrian Embassy in Pristina, and the event to mark the World Innovation and Creativity Day organized by the Kosovo’s Ministry of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade – brought together a considerable number of entrepreneurs, business associations, international organizations and government representatives.  

Mr Simon Floeth, Head of the Digital Transformation Center, who attended the event marking the Innovation and Creativity Day, emphasized the longstanding Kosovo-German development cooperation, with ITP Prizren being one of the great examples with a match to the topic of the day.  

Explaining the concept of the ITP, he said that the park has a clear focus on creativity and innovation – looking especially for industries and trainings in that direction “and with establishing a “Digital Transformation Center”, it is foreseen to combine and align science and talent development in IT with private sector needs and inputs as well as with entrepreneurial activities of tech related start-ups.

He noted that the core idea of the ITP Prizren is not to look at creativity and innovation from only one perspective, but “rather to put emphasize on the importance of aligning and bringing closer together the so-called quadruple helix of innovation: Government, industry, academia and civil society.” 

Meanwhile, during the Economic Forum, the Digitalization Specialist at ITP Prizren , Mr. Benjamin Cornils, presented the park as a new investment opportunity in Kosovo. 

Addressing the Austrian business delegation and the many local guests, Mr Cornils highlighted the potential of ITP Prizren as still being new business location with a so far unique concept within Kosovo.  

Mr. Cornils further stated that ITP Prizren has great potential for local, regional and international investments. “Among many other services, the park offers a wide-ranging business support and facilitation setting for multi-national organizations, start-ups, SMEs, training, education, and research institutions”, he said. 

Innovation and Training Park (ITP) Prizren fosters collaboration in a vibrant community, aiming to become the regional hub for entrepreneurship, innovation, business and skills development, and a source of successful ideas.