Is video editing your cup of tea? Or perhaps you wish to build a career in web and mobile app development?

Numerous training courses on digital skills are being offered at the ITP Prizren, providing a great opportunity to the youth in Prizren and the region to start or boost their career in the fast-growing ICT sector in Kosovo. The courses are offered by some of the country’s renown training providers and are focused on teaching skills which are in great demand in this industry.

The broad portfolio of training courses in the Park is created by Cacttus, MetDaan, Coders Hub, Makerspace and UBT College – all of them being tenants in the ITP.  

Web and Mobile App Development, IoT Fundamentals, IT Security, 3D Modeling and Printing, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Digital Video and Audio Editing, Tech Entrepreneurship are only some of the training programmes currently being offered at the Park.

Explore the full list of the training courses by visiting the link below and don’t miss the opportunity to apply!

Trainings – ITP (