“All Images Will Disappear, One Day”

“All Images Will Disappear, One Day”, is an exhibition revealed by our partner in the park, Autostrada Biennale. The exhibition talks about what makes and unmakes us, what entangles and disentangles us from ourselves, about freedoms beyond choices, imaginaries that flow despite and across borders. It is an exhibition about collective autobiographies stored in cultural archives, those deep reservoirs of words, objects, patterns, feelings, or misunderstandings. It is about connecting with the unknown. What is unarchivable reminds us that all images disappear, one day, slipping into a temporal void. Yet art survives as a language of resistance and resilience, a way to validate our existence in the world, a horizon beyond imperial visual regimes. 

The biennale takes you on a journey around former NATO hangars, where the core of the exhibition sits.

The exhibition is an invitation to travel through a set of multifaceted, social, poetic, and ephemeral art pieces. It is a constellation of images that will disappear and open space for the construction of life anew. Therefore, it is about staying with what is difficult, but also about letting go at the same time. The exhibition promises unpredictable encounters in and out of Prizren, the Balkans, Europe outside Europe, and the planet. And finally, it is about hope and persistence, in spite of it all.

The exhibition will be open until 9th of September 2023. 

This event is supported by German-Kosovo Governments, implemented by GIZ Kosovo and ITP Prizren.