A number of representatives from the Kosovo institutions, civil society, academia, and the private sector attended the Cybersecurity Policy Exercise held on 24 June in the ITP Prizren.

Organized by the Trust4Cyber initiative and the Digital Transformation Center in the ITP Prizren, the workshop focused on conducting case simulations, which evolved around hypothetical cybersecurity incidents.

As part of the exercise, the participants were divided into small groups, with each group of stakeholders given a specific scenario, a cybersecurity incident, that needed to be addressed.

The purpose of these exercises was not only to promote the collaboration among the stakeholders, which is essential in combating cyber threats more effectively, but also to identify specific cybersecurity measures and policies that need to be improved in the future.

Outlining the mission of the Digital Transformation Center in his welcoming remarks, Simon Floeth, Head of the Center, said that the work on creating a digital ecosystem needs to be backed by proper practices and policies ensuring that it remains safe from any cyber threats and that he hopes the Center will become a platform for joint activities to tackle the identified challenges.

On his part, Lulezon Jagxhiu, an Advisor on Information Technology to the Kosovo Prime Minister, outlined the activities that the Kosovo Government is doing in the field of cybersecurity. Mr Jagxhiu thanked the organizers for bringing together a wide range of stakeholders to this important workshop.