Four panel discussions focused on the role of digital transformation in empowering businesses were held at the ITP Prizren as part of the Digital Transformation Conference, which was organized in the framework of the closing event of the Project “Digital Transformation as a guide to empower Small and Medium Enterprises and start-up businesses.”

Funded by the German Government, and implemented by GIZ through ITP Prizren, the aim of this project was to enhance the digital capabilities of start-up businesses and the digital transformation of SMEs by providing training and mentorship. 

Addressing the participants at the event on 31 March, Mr. Benjamin Cornils, an Advisor at the ITP Prizren, said the project suited the vision of the ITP Prizren to become a place where people of different backgrounds come to work, learn and innovate together. “We thank our local partner, Business Consultants Council (BCC), for their commitment shown during the last few months to successfully implement the Project”, added Mr. Cornils. 

This project was also in line with the “Technology for Business” pillar of the Digital Transformation Center at the ITP, which aims to support Kosovo`s non-ICT businesses in digitalising their activities and processes by training programs to identify companies’ innovation potential and support the development and implementation of digital strategies. 

The project was facilitated by the BCC in cooperation with GIZ and Innovation and Training Park Prizren.