Hospital facilities at the Innovation and Training Park (ITP) Prizren

Date: 20 December 2021
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Hospital facilities at the Innovation and Training Park (ITP) Prizren

Hospital facilities at the Innovation and Training Park (ITP) Prizren

Call for expressions of interest

In the city of Prizren, Kosovo, an Innovation and Training Park (ITP) has been established at a former German military camp that was part of the international Kosovo Force (KFOR) peacekeeping mission. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH (German Development Cooperation) has been entrusted with the management of the park.

With an overall size of 420,000m² the ITP also accommodates a former military hospital which was newly built in 2010 and fully equipped for the medical care of up to 3.800 soldiers. The usable area of the hospital is 3,733m² including a technical area of 985m². The half-yearly maintenance of the technical facilities is currently carried out routinely under consideration of German standards and requirements.

The available medical facilities of the hospital include 3 operating theatres, 1 intensive care unit (ICU) with 8 beds and 2 shock rooms, rooms for laboratories and X-ray diagnostics and further functional rooms. A patient ward suitable for up to 32 beds is attached to the main hospital building. Furthermore, 5 beds for emergency and the already mentioned 8 ICU beds are available. Fixed medical equipment is available and can be used, while there is no more mobile medical equipment existent. The technical and medical gas system, as well as the fixed medical equipment, are fully operational and in good condition.

Prizren is the second-largest city in a very dynamically developing country with around 1.9 million inhabitants. The city is 95 km away from the capital – Pristina – and can be easily reached in about one hour through a newly built motorway.

Prizren has about 200,000 inhabitants and a further 60,000 people living in the immediate vicinity. In addition, there are about 80,000 residents of Albania who regularly come to Prizren through the border, a mere 15 km away, for medical care. The state Kosovar health system operates 30 family health centres, 6 regional hospitals with 450-500 beds as well as a university clinic in Pristina with 2,500 beds. There are also several private clinics in Kosovo.

The annual expenditure for the state health system amounts to 2.9% of the gross domestic product (GDP). In addition, the share of private expenditure (“out of the pocket”) for health amounts to a further 3.1% of the GDP.

In this regard, the ITP Prizren is looking for an interested party or consortium of parties from the health sector for long-term rent of the hospital for suitable usage.

Further information and material in terms of the hospital facilities (visual material, building plans, fixed equipment lists, etc.) can be provided upon request to [email protected]. Onsite visits are very much welcome and are arranged at any time by e-mail as well.

In terms of the financing or refinancing of the operation of the hospital, it will be possible to provide financial data as a reference to calculate the necessary maintenance, as well as utility costs for the facilities. Furthermore, any interested party or consortium of parties is invited to calculate the costs for renting the hospital facilities upon their own considerations.

For an expression of interest the below-listed documents would appreciate to be received till 28 February 2022 by e-mail ([email protected]) or through file transfer (Cryptshare (

A: Type of party / consortium of parties:

  1. Business areas in which the party /consortium of parties has been active so far
  2. Legal structure of the party /consortium of parties
  3. Address of the registered office of the party /consortium of parties
  4. Network of international business relations
  5. References of successful medical projects in national and international areas

B: Preliminary business model for the hospital

  1. Planning of medical specialties / indications
  2. Intended business model incl. preliminary plans for financing or refinancing the operation of the hospital
  3. Economic impact, especially with a focus on the Prizren region
  4. Financial viability
  5. Mode of acquisition of patients -marketing concept

C: Personnel concept

  1. Mode of acquisition of the necessary personnel
  2. Professional requirements for medical, nursing and technical staff

D: Standards

  1. Description of medical and organizational standards for the operation of the hospital
  2. Methodology of quality assurance, medical quality management and auditing
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