Call for expression of interest for gastronomy sector at the Innovation and Training (ITP) Prizren

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In late 2018, the Governments of Kosovo and Germany have decided to jointly develop the former camp of the German KFOR contingent in Prizren into an Innovation and Training Park. Subsequently, with its official opening in May 2020 the ITP Prizren announced the first call of applications and opened its doors to national and international businesses, start-ups, NGOs, research & development institutions, as well as higher academic institutions. Currently, there are around 15 companies operating or that have signed tenant agreements, including a private university college. The size of the park is 40 ha and comprises 52 buildings and several open plots for further development for rent.

ITP Prizren establishes cooperative linkages among tenants, offering an environment that fosters synergies between:

By connecting all these segments of the ecosystem, ITP Prizren creates a different perspective on entrepreneurship and business environment in general, also resulting in generation of better jobs, in terms of skills and practical knowledge, as well as better incomes.

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ), is mandated to develop and manage the Park.

Gastronomy Sector

The Innovation and Training Park (ITP) Prizren is seeking applications from interested businesses in gastronomy sector to rent space in ITP Prizren.

The ITP offers a wide variety of buildings for rent. Those primarily suitable for the gastronomy sector are the wooden hut (Annex 1), located at the park’s center, and a hangar at the main entrance (Annex 2).

Depending on the concept offered, both facilities allow room for creating creative and qualitative dining spaces for park tenants and visitors. The ITP management remains open to discussing options with potential gastronomy companies to utilize the park’s area best. The company shall be capable and responsible of providing high quality and cost-effective food and dinning services, as well as catering services when required with offerings that include a variety of nutritious choices for the settled businesses in the park and its staff.

The rental fee for both buildings is 1,5 EUR/sqm to which another 0,20 cents/sqm shall be added for the outside area of the building, as well as another 0,20 cents/sqm applicable as a service charge for the services offered in the park. These prices are subject to VAT of 18% and withholding tax of 9%.

Interested and qualified companies are invited to submit the following information to [email protected] until 31.05.2022:


Inquiries & Site Visits

All questions must be submitted via e-mail to [email protected] no later than 31.05.2022. On site visits may be scheduled by calling Teuta Perdibuka at 044844396.

For the location in Annex 2, see possibilities and examples for adopting a hangar into a dining space and eatery.

For the location in Annex 1, see possibilities and examples for building a new structure adjacent to the wooden hat. The new structure can have a wooden/steel frame. Its dimension can vary from 100 to 250 m2, with height up to 4.5 m. See an example/inspiration below:

Annex 1:

Annex 2:

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