Innovation and Training Park (ITP) Prizren

The ITP is far more than a classic business park. Beyond spatial proximity a strong networking atmosphere lies at the heart of the ITP, which builds on collaboration and shared resources. The ITP ensures close linkages among tenants as well as between park management and tenants, offering an environment that fosters synergies between the private sector, vocational education and training institutions, and innovation activities.

Firstly, the development of ITP will be the initiator and catalyst of a series of factors that will positively influence the country and the current economic situation. Secondly, it will also benefit traditional economic sectors by acting as a center for the dissemination of innovative technologies, thus increasing overall productivity and increasing the propensity not only to local consumption but also to international exports.

Finally, ITP will increase the quality level of enterprises in general and attract foreign investment, becoming an area of settlement for innovative enterprises, both local and foreign, laboratories and certification centers. The general aim is to support Kosovo to be ready to face future challenges.

29.07.2018 Autoritetet lokale të Prizrenit i ftuan ndërmarrjet që merren me teknologji informative, inovacione, edukim, pasta me turizëm, agro-kulturë,[...]
12.07.2018 Anëtarët e KK të Prizrenit, unanimisht, kanë miratuar vendimin për lejimin e hartimit të Planit Rregullues të Hollësishëm të “Parkut të[...]
05.03.2018 Qeveria e Kosovës sot ka nënshkruar një deklaratë të qëllimit me Ministrinë Federale për Bashkëpunim Ekonomik dhe Zhvillim të Gjermanisë,[...]
01.10.2018 ITP will be Kosovo`s central hub for innovation in the field of ICT/ Technology-based Companies, Agro/Food processing and Creative and Culture[...]

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